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Travelling with Pets 101

Travelling with pets 101

We asked Rachel Rogers from Sea Captain’s Quarters, a pet friendly holiday home at Manly in QLD, what her hot tips were for going on holidays and travelling with pets, check out her great advice below.

Hurray! You have a holiday booked where you can take your pet/s. After all a holiday is not the same without all the family and just like other family members your pet will need a bag packed too.

To assist with an easy transition to a new environment it is important to have familiar things with them for their comfort when they arrive.

When travelling with pets, make sure you have packed:

  • Their favourite bed and bedding. (Remember to include towels for your pet)
  • Favourite toy or ball (something that is familiar will help them feel at home)

For the journey:

Safe travel for your pet and your family is essential. Plan your trip in advance including the timing of breaks and where you can safely stop on the way. Always ensure pets are never left alone in vehicles.

What to take when travelling with pets:

  • Secure leads and collars
  • Water bowl and water for the trip
  • Doggie bags for pick up
  • Your pet’s travel restraint/ or their crate for the journey

If you’re not convinced your pet needs to be restrained while travelling. Check out these pro-restraint reasons below:

  • An unrestrained pet can be a distraction for a driver & may cause an accident (plus it is illegal to have an animal unrestrained in the driver’s area & can attract large fines)
  • pets can become missiles in the event of an accident or sudden braking and may cause injury to themselves or other passengers
  • lastly for ute owners -if you are in the unfortunate situation where your dog has to travel in the back of your ute, please read this info from the RSPCA on how to secure your mate. As unfortunately thousands of dogs are injured each year while travelling on the back of utes. 

Does your pet suffer from travel sickness or anxiety while driving?

  • You may like to try a travel remedy, first check with your vet before administering, you can find dog anxiety treatments to help ease their stress.

Other items to pack

  • Food bowl (favourite food)
  • Any other medications your pet may require
  • Your doggies personal care products. Eg shampoo, brushes etc
  • Cover sheets if your pet is used to sleeping on your home furniture
  • Extra Doggie bags and scoop for clean up

Extra items you may like to bring

  • An extra-long lead or rope in case you need to secure your pet on your travels or for those long walks where they aren’t allowed off lead.
  • You may also consider having an extra collar with tags for those times when your pet has been swimming and your pet’s collar needs to be removed to dry.

Other safety things to consider

  • Find the location and phone number of a Vet in the area you are going. (Hopefully you will never need it but it is useful to be prepared and will save you time in an emergency)
  • If your pet becomes stressed in strange environments, please don’t leave them alone as they may cause damage to themselves or the property.
  • On arrival at your holiday destination, be sure to check for any hazards that may pose a risk to your pet. e.g loose fencing, plants that may be poisonous to pets, roads nearby etc. If you are unsure don’t leave your pet unsupervised.

Useful links

Safety tips before you leave home

  • Check your contact numbers on your pet tags and those lodged with the microchip registry are up to date in case you get separated from your pet while you are away.
    • If you need help finding the animal registry service your pet’s data is with, visit the Pet Address website
  • Make sure your destination is really Pet friendly
  • Ensure your pet is protected from Ticks and fleas
  • You may like to consider a health check up with your own vet before you leave
  • It is recommended that your pet is not fed directly before travelling with pets

If you are looking for some great pet friendly accommodation at Manly or Rainbow Beach, make sure you get in touch with Rachel, and check out their great pet friendly destinations here:

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Photo credit: Nick Kenrick.. via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA