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Tips and Tricks to Bathing your Fur Baby at Home

Tips and Tricks to Bathing your Fur Baby at Home

How often you need to wash your dog varies for many reasons, i.e. breed, size, coat, activities, etc. A good rule of thumb for most pups is once a month (unless of course they have rolled in that delightfully smelly thing they found in the garden).

Here are some great tips to keep your pooch smelling pleasant and cuddle worthy:

  1. Brush your dog often. Not only will it help keep them clean, it will also assist when bathing.
  2. Make bath time a relaxing time. Speak in a soothing voice and give them their favourite treat or toy to help ease the stress.
  3. Choose the right shampoo. Don’t use human shampoo and avoid artificial colours and fragrances as these can irritate their skin.
  4. Look for a confined space. The bathroom or laundry is always a good spot, the tubs help keep them contained and easy to reach, while also keeping them from running through the house sopping wet if they manage to make a break for it.
  5. Stop the slip n slide. Try and use a rubber adhesive bath mat so they don’t slip in the bath, or scratch the surfaces you may be bathing them on.
  6. Use the time to get to know your pooch. Bath time is a great opportunity to check for lumps, scratches, sore spots, ticks and fleas.
  7. Be prepared. Have everything ready and waiting for the big event, uncap your shampoo & conditioner, have a dry towel in reach and pre-set up your rubber bath mat and hose.
  8. Get the temperature right. Dogs are just as sensitive to hot water as we are, a quick check on your skin before you start is always best.
  9. Always protect the ears. Be very careful during washing not to get water in your dogs ears. Not only is uncomfortable, it can also cause some serious infections.
  10. Watch the below “how to” video on washing your pooch!

In this how to video from Animal Extra, world class pet groomer Emily Myatt takes us through the grooming process of a family dog from start to finish using Petway Dog Wash products, preparation, bath and dry complete with how to care for your pet dog throughout the process and best practices when it comes to regular grooming.