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Celebrating Australia Day with your best friend

Australia Day is traditionally spent in our great outdoors in sweltering heat! Whether you host picnics in the park, cricket on the beach, or BBQs in the backyard, we always want our best friends there with us to celebrate! To ensure your four-legged family member has a great day with you, here are a few […]

Heat and How It Hurts

Pet Wash - Natural Choice For Your Pets

Summer is upon us and statistics show that too many dogs become victims of heat and die at this time of year. Below are some common-sense tips to make sure your beloved best friend stays safe and cool this summer. NEVER leave your pet in an enclosed space. This means any space from cars, sheds […]

Noise is not your best friends friend

Does your dog shake, shiver, crawl under the bed at the first sign of a thunderstorm or start howling when the New Year’s or Australia Day fireworks begin? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Did you know that approximately 23% of dogs show some fearfulness to noise? And, that those dogs fearful of noise are […]

Is Your Dog Stressed or Anxious?

Dog Anxiety Treatment

Just like us, dogs too can suffer from anxiety and stress. Triggers can range from something as simple as the doorbell though to a thunderstorm. How your furry family member reacts can be unpredictable and unexpected. Since our dogs can’t speak for themselves, it’s important you understand what causes anxiety, the most common symptoms, and […]

Vampires are Real … sort of!

So technically the Twilight style Vampires don’t exist, however, when it comes to your pets … fleas and ticks are just as blood thirsty, with less diamond sparkle appeal! Did you know: Adult fleas only live on your dog when they need a fresh blood meal, to prepare for laying their eggs. Fleas are Olympic […]

A Day that Celebrates Puppies? Yes Please!

National Puppy Day is a special day to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives and it is on the 23rd March. But more importantly, it’s a day to help save orphaned puppies across the globe and educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills. National Puppy Day was […]

Heat is Killing Dogs in Queensland

With the RSPCA Queensland called out to 28 jobs involving pets left in cars in the past week, the animal protection agency is calling for people to keep their animals cool and cared for as temperatures continue to soar in QLD. In even more horrifying news, over 100 call outs have involved animals being left […]

Travelling with Pets 101

Travelling with pets 101

We asked Rachel Rogers from Sea Captain’s Quarters, a pet friendly holiday home at Manly in QLD, what her hot tips were for going on holidays and travelling with pets, check out her great advice below. Hurray! You have a holiday booked where you can take your pet/s. After all a holiday is not the […]

Tips and Tricks to Bathing your Fur Baby at Home

Tips and Tricks to Bathing your Fur Baby at Home

How often you need to wash your dog varies for many reasons, i.e. breed, size, coat, activities, etc. A good rule of thumb for most pups is once a month (unless of course they have rolled in that delightfully smelly thing they found in the garden). Here are some great tips to keep your pooch […]

The Do’s & Don’t of Pet Grooming

The Do’s & Don’t of Pet Grooming

One of our amazing manufacturer’s, Petway Petcare, works very closely with the professional grooming industry Australia wide, so we asked them to give us the low down on grooming pets from home! Follow these easy do’s & don’ts of pet grooming to help keep your pet looking, feeling and smelling amazing! √ DO wash your […]