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Dog Internal Health and Vitality

How good does it feel to drink a healthy juice or smoothie when you know it’s packed with health and vitality supplements? You can almost feel the essential vitamins and nutrients going to work on your body! Treat your dog with the same boost to their wellbeing with our fantastic range of pet care dog internal health and vitality supplements.Does your pup need an energy boost? Maybe some respiratory support or something for healthy bones and teeth? Our all-natural solutions treat your cuddly canine from within, boosting the essential vitamins and nutrients that promote vitality and overall wellness. Help your furball have good health for life. Our range of all natural health and vitality solutions can even help your feline friends.

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Dog Internal Health and Vitality

Dog care supplies — dog digestion support, e-collars, flea control & more.

Specialist preventative and first aid dog care
Make sure your precious pooch gets the best support 24/7 by providing preventative and first aid health care. Prevent health issues by using dog health supplements and digestive support products. Use flea drops and flea collars to prevent the nasties from bothering your precious pup. If your pooch does hurt himself then use an e-collar to prevent them licking their injury as well as the appropriate first aid dog care. Your precious pup will be extra grateful for all this pet parent love!

Dogs need first aid too!
Accidents do happen and it’s always best to be prepared. Our first aid dog care supplies do everything from dressing wounds and preventing licking, to cleaning wounds and providing blessed pain relief for your pup. Sometimes an injured, aging, or sick dog has a hard time making it to grass when they need to eliminate, oh-oh! In cases like these where your dog may be suffering from incontinence, we recommend our disposable dog diapers or eco-friendly washable diapers. That’s right - diapers for dogs! Because incontinent dogs come in all shapes and sizes, our dog diapers are also available to fit every dog age, breed, and size. And for dogs who can’t seem to quit scratching that itch, we have a wide variety of dog care supplies to target their dog allergies, hot spots, and finally provide them with some much needed relief.

e-collars for dogs
Using an e-collar (also known as an Elizabethan collar) is a safe and effective way to help your dog heal. When partnered with one of our e-collars, you can keep your pup from causing any more harm. Whatever is troubling your dog, make sure to consult your vet before browsing the large selection of dog health care supplies available from the Natural Pet Group. You’ll find that we often carry the dog flea medicine, dog heartworm medicine, dog pain medicine or dog health care supply your vet prescribes, so it’s all convenient and easy.