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Dog Eye Drops

You know how your eyes can get dry and red, or itchy and frustrating? Not pleasant, right? The exact same thing can happen to your dog. Next time your dog seems irritated on a cold and windy day check out their eyes. Our specially formulated pet care dog eye drops are all natural and perfect for easing irritation caused by the elements. They also treat signs of conjunctivitis. Containing active plant extracts and silver ions to sooth irritations and correct dryness, these saline based eye drops are gentle enough for your furry friend. Worried about getting in their eyes? The practical applicators are designed for fussy dogs! For eye care that is clean, healthy and natural, you can’t go wrong with this range. Help your fur baby get the relief they’re seeking.


Dog Eye Drops

Eye drops for dogs, dog eye wipes and dog eye wash

Is it time to clean your canine’s canals? Come to the Natural Pet Group for a wide selection of the best dog ear cleaners.

Specially formulated dog eye drops
Visit the Natural Pet Group for a pack of eye drops for dogs that will help clear up the waterworks. Clean away the buildup of dirt, dust or debris that’s causing your pup distress with these gentle and effective dog eye drops. Before deciding on which dog eye products to use, consult their veterinarian to determine which product is best for your pup.

Ready-to-go dog eye wipes
If you’ve ever kept baby wipes on hand for cleaning you’ll appreciate how convenient wipes are. They’re perfect for cleaning your canine’s eyes every now and again to keep them from getting clogged and irritated. One of the safest and most effective options is to use dog eye wipes to dab away the irritation in their iris. You’ll find a range of great options for your pooch’s pupil problems in packages of eye wash for dogs, pre-moistened to provide soothing relief. With these dog eye wash products, you can effectively remove build-ups of eye-damaging dust, mucous and even their own loose hair, which can scratch at your canine’s cornea if left alone - ouch!

How to get your dog to sit still for dog eye treatment
Like a kid receiving a lollipop when they get an injection - sometimes we need to bribe our four-legged family members as well. If your pet is averse to having eye wash for dogs anywhere near their face, consider giving them a soft and chewy treat to better ease them into it. Reassuring words and pats can go a long way into getting your pup to sit still so you can irrigate their eyes. You’ll find plenty of options for something tasty to munch on while their dog eye wash works wonders to lubricate their ducts and reduce overflows. Next time your pooch has irritated eyes grab some of the  Natural Pet Group’s eye drops for dogs to keep your pup’s eyes clean and healthy. It’ll be a relief for both of you!