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Dog Eye Drops

have you ever experienced the discomfort of having something lodged in your eye? Not pleasant, right? The exact same thing can happen to your dog. Next time your dog seems irritated on a cold and windy day make sure you take a quick look at their eyes. Without fingers to help them remove the issues, dogs will claw at their eyes, possibly scratching the sensitive membrane that protects them in the process and believe you me, finding a trained animal eyeball specialist when this happens is time consuming and expensive. 

Why not help ease your pets discomfort quickly, easily and cheaply before you need to hit the vet for an expensive eye appointment. Our specially formulated pet care dog eye drops are all natural and perfect for easing irritation caused by the elements. They can also treat signs of conjunctivitis. Containing active plant extracts and silver ions to sooth irritations and correct dryness, these saline based eye drops are gentle enough for your furry friend. Our practical applicators are designed for fussy dogs so you don't have to stress too much about applying the eye drops! For eye care that is clean, healthy and all natural, you can’t go wrong with our range. Help your fur baby get the relief they’re seeking with our eye drops for dogs today.

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Dog Eye Drops

Eye drops for dogs

Old or young, shaggy or short, at one point in your pooches life, you are going to need to get in and sort out those eyes! 

Specially formulated dog eye drops
Our Natural Pet Group eye drops for dogs are your perfect partner to clear up those waterworks. Clean away the buildup of dirt, dust or debris that’s causing your pup distress with our natural, gentle and effective dog eye drops. 

How to get your dog to sit still for dog eye treatment
Like a kid receiving a lollipop when they get an injection - sometimes we need to bribe our four-legged family members as well. If your pet is averse to having eye wash for dogs anywhere near their face, consider giving them a soft and chewy treat to better ease them into it. Reassuring words, calm tones and pats can go a long way into getting your pup to sit still so you can irrigate their eyes, plus, it can be helpful to have a partner in crime to help hold them still if you can.

You’ll find plenty of options for something healthy, low fat and most importantly, tasty to munch on while their dog eye wash works wonders to lubricate their ducts and reduce overflows. Next time your pooch has irritated eyes grab some of the  Natural Pet Group’s eye drops for dogs to keep your pup’s eyes clean and healthy. It will be great relief for both of you.