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Dog Skin Care Treatments

Ever wondered how to treat dry skin on dogs? Skin care isn’t just for us humans! Dogs have sensitive skin and allergies too. Dog skin care is an important part of their overall healthcare routine. Do you want to bolster your pup’s skin health or treat any of a range of skin complaints? Treat your furry friend and boost their vitality with our pet care range of dog skin care treatments that cater to all skin types and dermatological conditions. To help your precious pup with allergies, sensitive skin or just to boost their overall skin health, try our range of all-natural dog skin care treatments. They’re rich in essential oils, vitamins, fatty acids and plant extracts to help reduce odours and moisturise dry skin. Care for your furry family member and give their skin the treatment it deserves with our dog skin care treatments to support and maintain their skin and coat.


Dog Skin Care Treatments

Dog allergy medicine: hot spot treatment & itch relief for dogs

Does your dog have hayfever?
If you’ve suffered from hayfever you’ll know just how frustrating it can be! If your pooch has been spending more time scratching than fetching lately, it might be their allergies acting up. Pick up some allergy medicine for dogs from the Natural Pet Group to help provide relief for your pet. Suspicious your pup may have become sensitive to allergens in their environment? It could be a case of flea allergy dermatitis, food allergies or environmental allergies. If you notice that your pup is sneezing, scratching, constantly licking or has runny eyes you should consult your vet to determine what allergy medicine for dogs will best alleviate their symptoms, as well as get to the bottom of the problem!

How to treat skin irritations
Does your four-legged friend seem irritated? Lesions of the skin or hot spots can cause your pup endless frustration. These skin irritations generally start as a flea bite or underlying allergy. Your pooch may constantly lick or bite the itch to try to sooth it, but of course this only makes it worse! Allergy medicine for dogs can help prevent hot spots by treating the source of the problem. However, if the dog allergy medicine was not prescribed in advance you may need to give your dog that hot spot and itch relief they seek to keep them from making their wounds any worse.

Cones and e-collars
Besides providing dog allergy medicine and hot spot relief to help comfort your canine, you may also consider investing in a cone or e-collar to stop your pup from continuing to lick or bite their irritation. By consulting your veterinarian, you may also be able to find the underlying issue and treat it with allergy medicine for dogs or other preventive medication.

So if pesky pollen has your pup licking their paws or an itch has them biting their back, make sure to explore the Natural Pet Group’s wide selection of dog allergy medicine, hot spot and itch relief products to soothe their irritated skin. You’ll be a favourite with your precious pooch, and they’ll be back to their playful antics in no time.