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Dog Ear Care

Ear infections can be painful for humans and dogs alike. Don’t let your pup suffer in silence when our range of all natural dog ear care products can gently clean ears without irritation. Our pet care range is made with the finest plant extracts and all-natural ingredients perfect for dog ear care. They will help reduce infections and clean out dirty, weepy dog ears, giving your dog relief. We make sure there is no detergent or foaming or irritating agents and nothing that will leave sticky trails of oil or residue. Maintaining your pup’s overall health doesn’t have to be hard. Pick up some of our pharmaceutical strength formula (perfect for both dogs and cats) and keep your furball clean and healthy with well maintained ears. We promise they’ll love you for it!

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Dog Ear Care

Dog ear cleaner: ear drops, dog ear cleaner & ear wash for dogs

Is it time to clean your canine’s canals? Come to the Natural Pet Group for a wide selection of the best dog ear cleaners.

Your dog’s hearing is an important asset
We all know about dogs’ legendary sense of smell, but their hearing is vital too. From the sound of their beloved pet parent approaching the front door to coming when called from across the park, your furry family member’s hearing is second only to that sense of smell in navigating their way in the world. Every now and then, you may need a dog ear cleaner to keep excessive buildup or debris from affecting their hearing. Fortunately, the Natural Pet Group has ear cleaners, washes and drops for dogs that work to safely dissolve any waxy buildup, as well as reduce the unpleasant odour that comes along with wax accumulation. Many contain natural soothing ingredients like aloe vera or tea tree oil, so these dog ear cleaners can be applied without causing your pup any discomfort.

Common dog ear problems
Many dogs have ears that require regular cleaning and waxy build up isn’t the only issue that can affect your pet’s hearing. If you have a furry friend who loves to play in the water, too much moisture in the canals can cause swimmer's ear. Dog ear cleaners that help reduce moisture can be found at Natural Pet Group to allow your pup to hear your calls more easily. At other times, your pet may get a parasite, like mites, in their ear. If left unchecked, these insects can cause severe damage to your pup’s hearing and health. You’ll find the Natural Pet Group carries ear drops for dogs that safely and effectively eradicate mites and ear ticks. Clear away waxy build up, reduce moisture and eliminate mites with the Natural Pet Group’s selection of ear cleaners, washes and drops for dogs. Your grateful pooch will thank you for it!