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Dog Shampoo

A clean dog is a healthier and happier dog, and a bright and shiny coat is something to strive for. It’s important to keep your pup clean and germ free for their personal health, as well as their interactions with other dogs, adults and children..

You can notice the difference between a dry and a moisturised coat by the level of brightness and shine. Choose the right shampoo and your pooch will thank you for it! The Natural Pet Group Pet Store carries a wide range of all natural and non-toxic, pH balanced dog shampoos for all types of dogs and their particular needs.

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The Best Dog Shampoos for all Breeds

Dog shampoo: the best dog shampoos & brands, sensitive skin dog shampoo.

Our dog shampoos lather easily for a pleasant and fuss-free wash. Make your dog wash and grooming routine safe and fun for the whole family.

Natural pet shampoos
Why use a dog shampoo that is full of nasty chemicals when a simpler alternative will do a better job? That’s our philosophy here at the Natural Pet Group Pet Store.

Take a back to basics approach to bath time with the natural, soap-free dog shampoo options available in our Natural Pet Group Pet Shop. Many of today’s pet parents are looking for bathing products for their pups that are free of excess chemicals, artificial scents, or synthetic dyes, as these ingredients can lead to issues for dogs with sensitive skin. For natural  dog shampoo options that get them clean without any additives, as well as a range of the best puppy shampoos for young, sensitive skin, Natural Pet Group Pet Shop has you covered.

Non-toxic dog shampoo
Keep your pup and your family safe during your pet wash routine with our range of non-toxic and naturally based dog shampoos. Free from potentially harmful enzymes, parabens, and other toxins, natural dog shampoos are formulated to assist in preventing issues such as matted or tangled hair and dry or irritated skin. Many of the natural dog shampoos you’ll find at Natural Pet Group Pet Shop are developed specially for pets with sensitive skin issues. You’ll also find wholistic dog shampoo products that cater to those who require gentler care such as puppies, kittens, and even nursing or expecting mothers.

Dog shampoo for sensitive dogs
Is your beloved tail-wagger rather sensitive? Not to worry, they’re well catered for with our range of dog shampoos for sensitive skin. While you should provide your pet with regular baths to keep them looking and feeling clean, consistently scrubbing them with soap is a good way to dry out their skin.

If your pup is already prone to dry or sensitive skin, a soap-free dog shampoo option may be the way to go. Dog shampoos help provide the same relief found in regular bath time routines without excessively drying out of their skin.

Take a more wholistic approach to bathing your pet with natural dog shampoos available from the Natural Pet Group Pet Shop.