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Dog Hair Treatments

Want to give your furry family member an extra special treat? Just like how we human beings benefit from hair treatments, animals do too, especially strong coloured or coarse hair dogs. Dog hair treatments are an excellent way to give not only the skin, but the coat an extra boost. They’re perfect for dog coat stain removal, assisting colour richness, de-shedding and volumising and to help your fur baby look its best, for the big show or just around your home.

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Dog Hair Treatments for all shapes and sizes

Dog hair treatments for soft, shiny fur: the best natural dog hair treatments

When your family companion is turning into a fluffy monster, our specialty pet wash dog hair treatments have your every need covered. No matter what breed or hair type, your dog will look and feel great with our all natural treatments that add protein, texture and shine, or help your cuddly canine shed their seasonal coats. Give your furry family member the treatment they deserve and consider our specialty pet wash dog hair treatments today.

Dog whitening shampoos
If your precious pup is light-coloured or white - you’ll be well aware of how hard it is to keep their coat shiny and clean. That’s where dog whitening shampoos come in - they help restore and highlight the coat’s natural shine and keeps your best friend smelling great! 

Black coat shampoos
Black Coats Shampoo is a naturally based shampoo for use on animals with black and dark coats. It has been specifically formulated with plant derived ingredients to enhance natural coat colours and add richness and shine to black and dark coats without using dyes. It gently but thoroughly cleanses the coat and skin, revitalises the coats appearance and adds shine and lustre as well as an adorable fragrance.

Coarse hair shampoos
A naturally based shampoo, specifically formulated to add texture and body to the coats of all breeds, but not soften wire, harsh or coarse coats. It will brighten and highlight the coats natural colours and leaves your furry friends with a lovely fragrance.

Maintain your dog’s healthy pH levels
In addition to moisturising and revitalising your pet’s coat, our natural dog treatments are formulated to balance the pH of their skin and hair, so that their essential oils are maintained. You’ll also find our dog treatments are crafted to aid your pet in the ongoing fight against tough odours, and even prevention of  fleas and ticks.

For the dark, bright or coarse barker in your household, pick up some quality natural dog shampoo treatments from our pet shop to help their coat shine brilliantly.