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Dog Grooming Tools

Would you like to achieve that “I’ve just been to a dog grooming salon” look at home? There’s no need to fork out for expensive dog grooming services when you can become an expert at cutting your dog’s hair at home, though we warn you - there may be some comic results along the way! The good thing is that hair grows back, so if you keep at it, eventually your uneven attempts will start to look great!

Dog Grooming Tools that keep your furry friend looking their best

Dog grooming & bathing equipment: grooming tools & supplies

Transform your pet wash routine from a chore to a passion (and have fun while you’re at it), with our all natural based dog grooming tools, supplies and equipment. No dog grooming routine is complete without the right dog grooming tools. Keep your furry companion looking their best with our all natural dog grooming tools that includes anti-static scissoring mists to ensure the perfect haircut.

Get the professional dog grooming look from home
Stock up your dog grooming area with the right tools and there’s no need to visit a professional. Check out the Natural Pet Group Pet Shop for the dog grooming and bathing equipment, tools, and supplies that will have your number one canine looking and feeling like a million treats.

Dog grooming tools help keep your pet clean, presentable and feeling their best. From moisturising dog shampoo to pet bathing gloves, there are various dog grooming supplies available to help make washing your pup simple and hassle-free.

Dog grooming products for your pup’s coat and nails
The two most important features to maintain on your pup are their coat and nails. Once you’ve given them a good doggy shampoo and used some dog coat conditioner, go the extra step and ensure they’re in tip-top shape.

There are dog grooming tools and accessories that safely keep your pet's nails clean and at a manageable length. If your pup’s coat needs a boost to look beautiful, Natural Pet Group Pet Shop has a large selection of dog bathing equipment specially formulated for each of the various canine skin and coat needs across all breeds.

Special care for floppy-eared breeds
Our floppy-eared friends need a little extra care. When it comes to dog grooming equipment for floppy-eared breeds, keeping their lobes fresh and dry via a canine-specific ear cleaner is the best way to help alleviate any stress caused to your pup when their ears are inflamed.

A wide range of specialist dog grooming tools
If you want to feel like you’ve stepped into a doggy salon then the Natural Pet Group Pet Store is the place to be - stocking a range of multipurpose dog grooming supplies. Various dog grooming tools, such as slicker wire brushes, mat removing combs and detangling conditioners can help with matted and tangled fur. You can also save on space in your cleanup station by reducing the amount of loose dog hair in your home with the many multi use dog grooming supplies available. These can double as a way to remove loose pet hair from around your home or from your pet directly. Keep your cute canine clean and happy with Natural Pet Group Pet Shop’s assortment of dog grooming & bathing equipment, tools and supplies.