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Dog Flea Shampoo

As a dog owner, it’s a fact of life that you’re going to need to treat your pup for fleas at some point or another. Fleas and lice aren’t pleasant for any furry friend. All that itching and scratching can really irritate your poor old pup!

Even the most thorough pet care routine including regular dog shampoo and dog coat conditioner isn’t enough to keep fleas and lice at bay. Fortunately, though, there are plenty of methods for pet parents to treat their pups for fleas and even prevent from getting them in the first place.


Dog Flea Shampoo that keep the nastiness away

Dog flea & tick shampoo | the best dog shampoo for fleas

One of the best and most gentle ways to do this is by using specialist flea shampoo for dogs.  The Natural Pet Group stocks a wide range of highly effective dog flea shampoos which are perfect for killing fleas, lice, mites and adult brown ticks while still protecting your pet’s skin. Whether you need a low irritant or an all-round formula that will clean and nourish the skin, our pet wash dog flea shampoo will do the trick.

Our dog flea shampoo range also comes in a selection of formulas suitable for other family members such as cats, kittens and caged birds. End the irritation today, your fur babies will thank you.

Protect your pup from parasites with dog flea shampoo
Scrub the pests away from your beloved pet with a bottle of flea shampoo for dogs from the Natural Pet Group Pet Shop.

Dogs play a big role in family life. From being running partners and snuggle buddies, to serving as selfless protectors and faithful companions, dogs are an important part of our lives. Pets provide their pet parents and families with safety and companionship, and are also cherished members of the family. Dogs depend upon their pet parents for proper care, which includes effective protection from parasites.

A high-quality flea shampoo is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat your pup’s flea problem, interrupting the flea life cycle and killing active adult fleas – all without resorting to strong chemicals. Keep your precious pooch safe today with our range of dog flea and tick shampoos. Your four-legged family member will love you for it!

Use dog flea shampoo to stop parasites from spreading
In addition to the threat of irritated and itchy skin, parasites can potentially spread more serious viruses if left untreated. Put a stop to pests with a soak and a scrub in flea shampoo for dogs. Choose from a variety of products specifically formulated for your furry family members. The best flea shampoo for dogs works to not only kill ticks on contact, but to also help stave off immediate infestations from reoccurring.

Dog flea shampoo for sensitive skin
Is your fluffy cuddle partner a little sensitive?  Not to worry, they are catered for too. We stock dog flea shampoos for pups with sensitive skin, so you won’t have to worry about your scrubs causing any further discomfort

Long lasting dog flea shampoos that work fast
Could your beloved pooch do with some fast relief from itching and scratching? Our dog flea shampoos are ideal for pet parents that need to control an infestation quickly, giving their pet some much needed relief. Popular for being a long-lasting and efficient form of dog flea control, most types of dog flea shampoos remain effective for up to 20+ days, when used correctly.

Consider adding dog flea shampoo to your existing pet care routine. The regular use of flea and tick shampoo can help your canine family member avoid all the itching and scratching.

Pick up some flea shampoo for dogs from the Natural Pet Group Pet Shop and help your pet leave parasites behind.