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Dog Colognes and Perfumes

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Perhaps you just like your pup to look and feel their best?

Whatever the reason, if a nice bath with dog shampoo and dog coat conditioner isn’t quite enough, we have a pet wash selection of dog colognes and perfumes that will add shine, lustre and a gorgeous scent to any coat. They have great scents like perfume but don’t contain any of perfume’s harmful chemicals, and unlike perfume, they do more than just cover up bad smells.

Dog Colognes and Perfumes that have unique fragrance

Dog perfumes & colognes | dog deodorant sprays

Enhance the dog grooming experience by using a naturally based dog cologne coat gloss that eases the flow of brushes or combs through the coat. We have dog cologne and perfume fragrances to suit every taste. Whether you like the scent of soft baby powder, floral musk, spicy citronella, coconut or aroma care, we have dog colognes and perfumes to suit.

If you want your precious pooch to smell divine then follow up your dog shampoo and conditioner routine with one of our natural pet wash range of dog colognes and perfumes today.

Keep your dog smelling fresh between baths
While your furry friend probably likes their own natural doggy odour, sometimes it can be a bit too much for pet parents. Using dog shampoo and dog coat conditioner daily can dry out your dog’s skin. Using a dog cologne perfume instead means you can keep getting cuddly with your pup in between washes.

Fortunately, the Natural Pet Group Pet Shop carries a range of dog deodorants that have been specially formulated to keep your pooch smelling sweet. These dog perfumes and colognes don’t just reduce odour, many of these doggy deodorants also contain dog coat conditioning agents that will keep their coat soft and supple and help reduce tangles. A perfect addition to your dog grooming routine.

Choose your favourite dog cologne or perfume fragrance.
While you can’t choose your pup’s natural odour, you can pick the fragrance of their dog cologne or perfume. The Natural Pet Group Pet Shop carries a wide range of dog deodorants, each with their own gorgeous bouquet and extra benefits. Our dog cologne and perfume scents range from the fresh clean smell of baby powder to floral scents like Lavender, giving your pup a just-ran-through-a-bed-of-flowers smell, without the muddy paws.

Special dog colognes and perfumes for sensitive skin
If your cuddly canine has sensitive skin, then you’ll be pleased to know the Natural Pet Group Pet Shop also stocks Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo designed as a more soothing, yet no less effective application for fighting irritating odors. These dog perfumes contain natural ingredients like oatmeal, and are pH balanced so they won’t aggravate your pup’s skin. Moreover, many of these dog colognes and perfumes are formulated not to interfere with topical flea applications, so your pet can stay fresh smelling and protected.

Perfect for special occasions
Whether it’s a special occasion or they just need a refresher in between baths, sometimes it’s nice to add a little something extra to your dog shampoo and coat conditioning routine. Drop into the Natural Pet Group Pet Shop or browse our online store and pick up a bottle of dog cologne, perfume or deodorant spray to add to your dog grooming supplies. You’ll have your little friend smelling fabulously fragrant in no time.