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Dog Coat Conditioners

Think that hair conditioner is only for humans? Think again. Dog coat conditioners can also do wonders for your precious pooch. Your dog’s fur and skin are vulnerable to the elements, just like ours. Sun damage, dirt, tangles, allergies, licking and chewing can all impact your furry friend. While Dog shampoo is a great start for a smooth and soft coat, you can further help with the skin and hair health of your pet with a natural dog conditioner.

Support strong skin and coat health with our range of dog coat conditioners, part of our dog grooming supplies, including dog shampoo, dog colognes and perfumes. Whether your little scallywag needs a good pampering or just a touch up, our selection of dog coat conditioners caters to all skin types and breeds.

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Dog Coat Conditioners for Soft and Shiny Dog Hair

Dog conditioner: the best dog hair & coat conditioners.

If your dog gets extra dirty, we recommend using dog shampoo followed by dog conditioner to leave their coat revitalised, nourished and silky smooth. Finish them off with a spray of fresh dog cologne or perfume for an extra treat!

Bring back the luster and shine to your best friend with our natural pet wash dog coat conditioners - they are suitable for puppies all the way up to senior companions - you can even use them on your feline friends! They make the perfect pairing for our refreshing dog shampoos and you’ll score top points with your fluffy friend.

Dogs love feeling clean too!
After a long, hot day of activity we all love that refreshing feeling of being clean. Your dog is the same! Find the best dog coat conditioner to bring the healthy sheen out of your pup’s coat in the Natural Pet Group Pet Store.

While dogs seem to thrive in dirt and mess, they benefit from a regular wash and condition. Next time you pamper your pup, treat them to a nice rub down with a replenishing dog coat conditioner. In addition to our range of dog shampoos, colognes and perfumes, you’ll find plenty of luxurious dog coat conditioners to moisturise, detangle and revitalise their coat. Indulge your pooch with an all-over bath time scrub, then pimp your pooch with some of the best dog coat conditioners you can find online. We promise they’ll love you for it!

How do dog coat conditioners work?
Just like the conditioner we use on our own hair, dog coat conditioners work by moisturising the dog’s skin and maintaining the natural oils in the coat.

Some of our dog coat conditioners are formulated to include dog grooming tools, which makes brushing hair after a bath much easier! Many of the dog coat conditioners you’ll find at Natural Pet Group Pet Shop include the same active ingredients as natural dog shampoos, so they work extra hard to clean, detangle and moisturise, leaving your furry friend looking and feeling their freshest.

Natural, non-toxic dog coat conditioners
When looking for the perfect dog coat conditioner, you'll want one that is carefully crafted so as to not only soften their coat and maintain its natural shine, but to do so without adding any unnecessary ingredients or oils that can change the healthy pH levels in your pup’s coat.

At The Natural Pet Group Store we stock safe, natural and non-toxic products. Stock up on all of your natural pet wash supplies including dog shampoo, coat conditioner and dog colognes and perfumes that you know are safe for your dog and your family.