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Dog Clean Up and Odours

It’s lovely being a dog owner. You get met at the end of the day with great enthusiasm, enjoy cuddles on demand, gain a TV-watching partner, and company for everything from a stroll to the local cafe or an extended road trip. There’s no denying we’re a nation of people who love to hang out with our dogs.

Dogs make fantastic companions, but you know what they're truly the best at? Getting dirty. Something messy - they’ll run right through it. A yucky old bone - they’ll dig it up. The chance to roll in wet, muddy grass (or that dead bug in the corner) - they’ll take it. These are just a few of the day-to-day things that come with owning a furry friend. Lucky they’re downright loveable and that there are some great natural products to help clean up and fight odours after they have thoroughly enjoyed making a stinky mess! 

Dog Clean Up and Odours Made Easy!

Dog waste, stain & urine smell removal products for a safer & cleaner home.

When it comes to eliminating mess and smells, Natural Pet Group Pet Shop have your back. Our all natural dog wash and dog grooming range features a great selection of products for dog clean up and odours. Need a refresher between washes? Our easy to spray dog colognes and perfumes are perfect. You can also use them to deodorise animal bedding and living areas, like your expensive couch that they believe is their birthright - bonus!

Sick of smelly dog scent on your fabulous furniture? Our pet wash dog clean up and odours range comes in your choice of refreshing fragrances to have your home smelling pristine in no time. Whether your precious pooch needs a thorough wash or a quick once-over, our all-natural dog clean up and odours supplies, featuring fresh dog shampoos, conditioners, colognes and perfumes, will become your secret weapon against smells.

Dog hygiene is vital for your family and your dog
To maintain good family and dog health, proper dog hygiene is vital. Cleaning up after your pooch is a 24/7 job. Especially when training puppies, indoor accidents do happen.

Keep your home smelling sweet and fresh with our range of natural odour reducing colognes and perfumes. Perfect for use on your pets and furniture. 

Non-toxic, all-natural dog cleanup products

We are working hard to find the best non-toxic dog cleanup products to help you keep a clean, fresh and odour free home and yard without depending on harmful chemicals. Watch this space to help protect your family and your furry friend by using our safe, natural range of doggy cleanup products.