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Natural Pet Wash, latest dog shampoo plus so much more...

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Get the latest natural pet wash products, featuring major brands with latest technologies and techniques.

Turn your furry monster back into the fur angel you know they are with our range of natural pet wash. The all natural selection will ensure your companion shines and looks their best while giving you the comfort that no harsh chemicals will be making its way onto your fur baby’s skin.

No matter your need there’s a natural pet wash to clean, moisturise, detangle, conditions and deodorise even the smelliest and dirtiest of fur monsters – there is no challenge we can’t meet. Bath time doesn’t have to be a nightmare, our all natural pet wash makes any routine a breeze.

Let’s be real for a minute, dogs like to get down and dirty. Do we really care? Nope! Their adorable furry faces, cute puppy paws, wet little noses and unconditional love seems to make us oblivious to their multiple misgivings, but not so much their smell!

No matter how hard we try, our dogs love to roll, dig, scratch and rub themselves in things that don’t necessarily always appeal to our human sense of smell.

We have scoured the country to find the best holistic and natural pet wash products to help spray, scent, powder and primp your pooch so your dog and your home are a little less on the nose!

We aim to help you find the best natural dog shampoo and conditioners, odour, clean and grooming products available on the Australian market, along with some advice on how to help your dog come out smelling like roses! Discover our best hints, tips and products to keep your dog happy, healthy and well groomed … naturally.

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