Dog Beds

Is your cuddly canine a bed hogger? Do you love your precious pooch but really want a good night’s sleep? Our great range of dog beds are the perfect pet accessories to help you take back control over your sleeping situation. Our selection of the best dog beds offer superior comfort and are constructed with lightweight, non-rigid and high walls to ensure your little buddy doesn’t injure themselves while getting comfortable. Our dog beds come with removable covers making them easy to clean or replace. With our range of stylish and practical dog beds, your drowsy dog will look super cute napping away.


Dog Beds for all shapes and sizes

Dog beds & bedding: the best large & small dog beds on sale

Dogs love getting a good sleep too!
How great is the feeling of waking up completely revitalised after a good night’s sleep? Want your dog to feel that way too? Care for your cuddly friend with a comfortable bed of their very own. The wrong dog bed can leave your pup searching for comfy spots like furniture that may be off limits!

Come to the Natural Pet Group for the best dog beds and bedding on sale to help your pooch chase sheep in their sleep. Dog beds and bedding give your furry friend a comfortable place to rest their heads from sunset to sunrise and every nap in-between. The Natural Pet Group have your back with a wide range of the best dog beds on sale to give your pup a bed they will love to use!

Dog beds for all shapes and sizes
Check out our great range of the best dog beds to find one that will perfectly suit the size and shape of your pup. Does your cuddly canine need plenty of room? We have large and extra-large dog beds that provide enough space for them to spread out and sleep comfortably. Our small dog beds are designed for pups that prefer to curl up and sleep on bolster styles, keeping them cosy all night long.

Keep your pup warm with dog blankets
There’s nothing better than curling up under a comfy blanket! For added warmth on cold nights, cover your pooch with additional dog bedding like a blanket to help them retain their body heat. For extra chilly nights there are heated dog beds and pads available - your pup will love you for it!

Outdoor dog beds
If your pooch likes to snooze in the sun or under the stars, there are a great range of outdoor dog beds available for sale. We also have cooling dog beds for the summer, to provide thick coated canines with some much needed relief from the heat. If you’re feeling extra caring towards your canine you can provide an even more comfortable sleeping situation for your pup and take their sleeping experience to the next level with cot or hammock elevated beds. Explore the possibilities and find the best dog beds and bedding for your precious pooch at the Natural Pet Group.