As devoted pet parents to some adorably old, grey (and sometimes grumpy) fur-kids ourselves, we are all too familiar with the amount of time that can be spent trying to find the perfect products, services and advice to make sure our furry babies have everything they need to live happy, healthy and long lives.

When our 14-year-old boys (and me) started developing irritations from chemical based wash products and hot spot products, we could no longer use them on their sensitive skin, so we started looking for alternatives.

It dawned on us that we can’t be the only ones looking for options, and after much research and loads of conversations with likeminded pet owners, we discovered a serious gap for people looking for natural products that can work in collaboration with veterinary care.

So with over 30 years’ experience in business and marketing between us, we left the corporate world to follow our dreams, spend more quality time with our pups, our family and friends, and hopefully a whole bunch of new friends who share our love of animals.

That’s why we created Natural Pet Group, an Australian owned business dedicated to sourcing and providing pet owners and their furry family members with outstanding natural pet care solutions, great value pet supplies and awesome service.

Value Matters

We genuinely believe that great value starts with understanding your pet, from there we can help you find the best natural products for you and your furry family member. For example, at Natural Pet Group you won’t find thousands upon thousands of pet products. Instead we individually source, from local and international manufacturers, only the best natural goods that we genuinely believe are the best products, products that we use on our own pets and those of our family and friends.

We also understand that that delivering value means ensuring that pets and their owners, get the very best value on pricing every day; because we promise to consistently deliver the kind of value that we would expect.

We strive to speak with vets, groomers and pet care professionals regularly to create up to date guides and advice on the best products and services, to deliver what is good (and bad) for pets as well as giving you access to everything we unearth so you and your pet can benefit.

Outstanding Service

Something we have found lacking of late, well to be honest, for some time now, is genuine customer service. The more digital we get, the less the world seems to focus on customer service.

Well not us! We want you to know that we are committed to bringing our pet owners the very best service standards and will go out of our way to make sure you and your pets are thoroughly happy with every touch point you have with us.

Our customer service manager Baxter is only too happy to help if you need a paw!

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