What you can do

Get status updates and delivery date estimates,* just by entering your tracking number. But that’s just for starters.

To take your tracking to the next level, simply log in to your MyPost account.

Do more than track – take control with MyPost

  • Save the items you’re tracking to see them all in one place
  • Get email, SMS and push notifications along the way
  • Share notifications with others to keep them updated
  • Redirect your parcel to a different delivery address, while it’s in transit^
  • Let us leave your parcel in a safe place when you’re not home*

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my Click and Send item or email proof of shipment to other parties?


There are several options for tracking your items sent through Click and Send:

  • To view tracking information for each item you’ve sent, simply log in to Click and Send and select the ‘history/tracking’ tab and then ‘item history’ at the top of the screen.
  • If you’re in the shopping cart ‘item summary’ screen, you can also select the tracking icon to view tracking events for items you have sent.
  • You can also track your items using our online tracking tool.

Proof of shipment

To provide proof of shipment to the recipient or a third party, select ‘request information’ for that item when logged in to Click and Send on the ‘item history’ screen. You’ll be able to enter the email addresses of the desired recipients and include a message if you wish. The recipients will then receive an email with the item details and a link to our tracking site.

Can I track an item sent using Registered Post?

Registered Post now includes delivery scan events as a standard feature. This means that you can use our online tracking tool to access the recorded delivery date and time for your item.

To receive the recipient’s signature as further proof of delivery, please ask for the Delivery Confirmation service as an optional extra for an additional fee when posting your item over the counter at a Post Office.

Track your item now, or for more information visit our tracking service.

Please note that Registered Post International has no tracking capabilities.

Can I track the delivery of my parcel or letter?

Domestic and outgoing international items
Whether you can track your item, and how much tracking information is available, depends on which service was used to send it.

View our tracking service for full details.

Track your item online now if you’ve used one of our trackable services.

Incoming international items 
Whether or not tracking information is available for items sent to Australia from overseas depends on the postal or courier service used in the country the item is being sent from (fees may apply).

For more information on tracking an item you’re expecting from overseas, please contact the sender of the item and have them check with their delivery service.

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