How Safe Drop works


You will see a link in your email tracking notifications or in the personalised MyPost Track page inviting them to Safe Drop their parcel (note that this will only happen where you provide your email address).


You will be are directed to our MyPost portal and request that we leave the parcel in a safe place at your nominated delivery address. You will accept the terms & conditions for the service and choose a pre-determined, suitable Safe Drop location from a drop-down list.


If there is no one at the nominated delivery address to sign for the parcel, our delivery person will follow the instructions to leave the parcel in the Safe Drop location unless, in their judgement, it is exposed to passers-by or the weather (in which case the parcel will still be carded to the Post Office).

New Safe Drop Arrangements

What is MyPost Safe Drop?

With MyPost Safe Drop, the parcel receiver can ask for the item to be left in a safe place at their nominated delivery address, without a signature on delivery. This service especially suits our customers who do not find it convenient to collect their parcels from a Post Office.

Unless the location is immediately obvious, we will leave a “You have a parcel” card in your customers letter box to advise them where we have left the parcel.

What if I request Safe Drop but the delivery person judges the location to be unsuitable?

Our delivery people are experienced and trained to assess every delivery location on its merits. If, at the time of delivery, the selected Safe Drop location appears too visible from the street, there is a high volume of people passing by, or the location is too exposed to the weather, we will let the parcel receiver know. We will send them a follow-up notification when the parcel is ready to collect from the local Post Office.

Safe and convenient delivery of your parcels is our number one goal.

Why have you decided to offer the Safe Drop service?

Parcel receivers have told us that additional “Safe Drop” options will encourage them to shop more online as they will have more choice and control over how they receive their delivery. For instance, your customers will be invited to take up this option right up to the day of delivery and once they know whether or not they are likely to be home that day.

Our research indicates that this will be a popular service for people who are taking delivery of lower value parcels and who live in larger suburban or rural houses. It will avoid them having to visit the Post Office to pick up signature parcels that we have “carded” because no one was at home.

What if the parcel goes missing after the delivery person has left it in the safe place as requested by your customer?

We have been successfully leaving non-signature parcels in safe places at peoples’ homes for many years and can confirm that it is rare that they go missing. We’re confident that your customers will use their common sense when deciding whether to opt for Safe Drop for a given parcel. When subscribing to the service, your customers are advised that this is at their own risk, and that there is liability for any parcels that go missing.

What if I am sending high value parcels or have an absolute requirement for a signature to be always be captured?

You will be able to select this option when creating your consignment in eParcel. You can even select this option as a default for all of your parcels. If you do this, your customers will never be invited to request Safe Drop for these parcels.

How does Safe Drop affect PayPal buyer protection?

Buyer protection requires that you provide Proof of Shipment. It does not require a signature to be captured on delivery. Safe Drop does not impact the rights of your customers in any way.

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