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Let’s Talk About Dog Ear Care

Let’s talk about ear care

As parents of two adorable 14 year old poodles, we know all too well how quickly ear infections can upset our beloved puppers! However, more than just smelly and uncomfortable, ear health can influence the overall health of your pet, so keeping on top of it is a priority to keep them clean and clear.

Causes of ear issues range from dogs swimming, coming into contact with burrs and prickers, or simply through having furry and hairy little canals. There are some simple home care tips to help keep your favourite furry friends ears in tip top shape.

Preventative care inspections are a must on a weekly basis, a quick look inside to check for debris or damage and a gentle cleaning of the flaps and openings of the ear canal. Don’t go too deep though as you could damage the eardrum. Always be gentle when cleaning the inside of the ear.

A soft cloth moistened (not drenched) with warm water is good for a thorough cleaning for most basic ear care, however, there are also some great non-irritating cleaning solutions available from pet stores and your vet. Try to avoid greasy and oily products as they can encourage further accumulation of gunk in your pets’ ears.

Regular grooming is always a good idea, a good groomer will include ear inspections and cleaning as part of their quality service and will inform you of any unhealthy conditions that they witness that may require attention from a vet.

Please don’t ever try to self-diagnose or treat ear issues yourself, while preventative home care is important, always consult a professional veterinarian if you are even slightly concerned about the health of your fur-babies!

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