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Heat is Killing Dogs in Queensland

With the RSPCA Queensland called out to 28 jobs involving pets left in cars in the past week, the animal protection agency is calling for people to keep their animals cool and cared for as temperatures continue to soar in QLD.

In even more horrifying news, over 100 call outs have involved animals being left without sufficient water, with 2 dogs actually dying in Queensland over the past week due to being tied up and unable to access water.

With temperatures set to hit 35C – 37C over this coming weekend, please keep watch over your beloved pets and keep an eye out for any that may be suffering due to the heat.

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Don’t risk your best friend in this heat, use these 5 tips to help your pet keep their cool …

Tip 1 – Don’t leave your dog in a car … EVER!
Tip 2 – Make sure animals have easy access to shade
Tip 3 – Leave at least two or three containers of water within reach in case one gets knocked over
Tip 4 – Freeze large blocks of ice and add it to your pups water dish, especially if their water bowl is stainless steel
Tip 5 – If you feel your dog is over heating, take immediate action and use cool, wet towels or a cool (not cold) bath to bring their core temperature down and immediately seek advice from your vet.

We urge you to take the time, be vigilant and above all, love your pets as much as they love you by keeping them safe and out of harmful heat.

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