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Get proactive about fleas, ticks and hot spots this summer

Get proactive about fleas, ticks and hot spots this summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year, however, it can also bring with it fleas, ticks and hot spots. Being proactive about these nasties means a little bit of preventative care for your favourite furry foofer! Ensuring that you keep up to date with flea and tick chews or tablets is important, but go the extra mile and save your dog (and your home) from the dreaded itch!

Here are some quick and easy ways for you to help minimise the impact this summer:

  • If your woofer is a woolly one, be sure to have them groomed regularly to keep their fur nice and short, this also helps you pinpoint any hotspots, ticks or fleas if they do sneak past you.
  • While any dog can develop hot spots, they do tend to be more common in dogs with thick coats (refer point one), dirty and/or moist skin (say from all that swimming you do over summer), and dogs with allergies, including fleas. Just be sure to rinse and dry your pooch thoroughly after a swim, keep an eye on those little munchkins that are prone to allergies and try to reduce their contact with whatever sets them off.
  • Finding a good Dog Flea Shampoo for your home and garden is always a good idea, it helps keep the population down and decreases the possibility of reinfection.
  • Keep your puppers clean, pests seem to love a mess so the cleaner you keep your pet and their environment, the less likely he or she will catch those nasty little suckers.
  • Ticks love to hang out in damp, long grass and wooded areas, so to reduce the possibility of them hitching a ride on your buddy, stick to more open areas for your walks during the summer months when they are prevalent.
    • Remember, if you suspect that your pet has been bitten by a tick, seek immediate veterinary care as they have been known to seriously harm and even kill pets.
  • Try to avoid socialising with other pest-ridden dogs, this is probably the hardest preventative measure as Still, if possible, limit your dog park visits and instead take long walks along the beach, or around your neighbourhood to decrease contact during severe summer outbreaks.
    • dogs are super social animals, and
    • it’s not like to can inspect every animal that you encounter!

If you are looking for some great products to help ward off the little blood suckers, our APVMA Registered Veterinary Cotex range of preventative and fast Dog Flea Shampoo products are the answer.  All our products are available in multiple sizes and can also assist in the treatment of hot spots on dogs!

Please always ensure you read the instructions for use and dilution rates for these types of products.  It is very important to make sure you get the application of these products correct for all animals.