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The Do’s & Don’t of Pet Grooming

The Do’s & Don’t of Pet Grooming

One of our amazing manufacturer’s, Petway Petcare, works very closely with the professional grooming industry Australia wide, so we asked them to give us the low down on grooming pets from home!

Follow these easy do’s & don’ts of pet grooming to help keep your pet looking, feeling and smelling amazing!

DO wash your dog regularly

(FYI – our petway petcare products are actually safe to use daily if you need to).

DO brush out any mats, knots, tangles in your dogs coat using a detangler

(like our anti-static detangler before wetting the coat. Use of a detangler will make it more comfortable for your dog and doing so pre-wash will prevent mats, knots and tangles from tightening when wet.)

DO Use warm water when washing.

DO start wetting the dog at the back of the body to help them get comfortable, moving up to the face.

X DON’T get water in the ears, nose or eye’s, cover them with your hand before wetting/rinsing.

X DON’T use too much of your shampoo, they are generally highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

DO massage shampoo and conditioner into your dogs coat and skin.

(This will also allow you to check for any lumps and bumps, while making bath time enjoyable and relaxing for your dog.)

X DON’T leave your dog unattended in bath

(Remember, they are like babies and need constant supervision in the bath).

DO thoroughly rinse product off starting at the face, making sure to cover eyes, nose and ears.

DO thoroughly wash eyes if you accidentally get shampoo in them.

DO start drying at the head, drying ears, then from rear legs to front legs with a clean dry towel.

X DON’T forget to trim your dogs nails, they should not touch the ground, but be careful not to cut the quick.

(If you are nervous, like me, check whether your vet offers free nail clips like our local vet does.)

DO Clean inside your dog’s ears, if unsure how to do this ask a groomer or your vet next time you visit.

There you have it, a quick checklist to get you grooming like a pro in between your best mates mud baths, rubbing themselves in stinky things, dust, dirt … well you get the idea! If you are looking to find some great natural pet wash gear for your pooch, click here!