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Is Your Child a Future Vet?

Is your child fascinated by animals?

Do they adore their own pet or long to have one?

Have they ever expressed an interest in possibly becoming a veterinarian one day?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should definitely take a look at Future Vet Kids Camp and help them to discover a truly wonderful career!

More than just a fun school holiday program, Future Vet Kids Camp is an educational stepping stone to a future career as a veterinarian! Fun and educational, this camp is the perfect place for your child to explore all things furry, fuzzy, four legged, creepy, crawly, feathery and even scaly!

Already boasting two of its campers being accepted into University to follow their veterinarian career dreams, this long standing camp for the junior animal enthusiast offers young people between nine and 16, an opportunity to take part in excursions and animal experiences, as well as the potential to be awarded a scholarship opportunity for those who may not be able to attend financially.

While it is run out of Sydney, this camp is open to any child in Australia, with more and more national attendees lining up to take part every year. This five-day camp is run annualy during the January school holidays and is held at the Waverly College Junior School and includes three levels of programming that run simultaneously:

  1. Wombats for children aged 9-11
  2. Kookaburras for children aged 12-14 
  3. Junior Vets for children aged 14-16+

Future Vet Kids Camp also offers scholarships to two deserving participants, funded by PetSure, one of Australia’s leading providers of pet health insurance products. For more information about the PetSure Scholarship, selection criteria and how to apply, visit the Scholarship page on the Pet Camp website.

If you are interested and want to enroll in future vet kids camp, follow this link to prepare for the 2018 camp!

Image credit: Babyology