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Celebrating Australia Day with your best friend

Australia Day is traditionally spent in our great outdoors in sweltering heat! Whether you host picnics in the park, cricket on the beach, or BBQs in the backyard, we always want our best friends there with us to celebrate! To ensure your four-legged family member has a great day with you, here are a few simple things to consider!


Dogs can be really affected by our summer heat, so it is important to make sure they access to multiple sources of fresh water (just in case one splits). A great trick is to put some ice cubes in their water dish to keep it super cool – if you really want to impress your pooch, freeze some of their toys into an old ice-cream tub and watch the ice cold joy for hours! A shady area that is nice and cool for them to escape the sun is always a good idea, just remember, as the sun moves across the sky, your dog’s cool shady spot in the morning could be scorched earth by the afternoon, so keep a close eye on their possie throughout the day!

A cheap as chips options is pick up one of those blue clam shell pools (you know the ones) and put them in a shady spot and full of water so your dog can keep cool in its very own pool! Remember … like skin babies, your fur baby need to be supervised in any volume of water, so be sure to keep them within sight when the pool is full!

If you do want to go for a walk, early morning or late afternoon is best! Just be careful of the hot ground, a quick way to determine if it is too hot for their sensitive paws is to take off your thongs (flip flops, sandals, jandals, Havi’s) and stand barefoot on the ground – if you can’t take the heat, neither can they!

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While leftover snags and steak from the BBQ are the apple of your dog’s eye, try and limit how much you give your dog on the day. Your fur baby has a very different digestive system to you and straying too far outside their normal diet can cause upset tummies. If you want them to join in the celebration meal, try purchasing treats that are specially made for pets and combine with small amounts of your BBQ delights!

Some quick things to remember:

  • DON’T lavish meat scraps with gravy and marinades (while pepper, chilli, soy sauce and fats are perfect for our palate, they could really mess with your pet’s stomach).
  • DON’T give your dog cooked bones (they can splinter and do some serious damage to your pet’s throat and intestines).
  • DON’T feed your dog chocolate (it can cause extreme poisoning and kill your pet).


Fireworks, loud music, laughing, screaming with glee at how awesome Australia is! These are all out of the ordinary noises for your dog, some dogs are ok with this, others can experience real distress and anxiety, with the worst-case scenario, escape from the safety of your yard. If your pet gets anxious or distressed there are products on the market that can help (link) and if symptoms persist, a trip to the vet to discuss medicated options could be your next step. Doing a solid check on the security of your house or fence before you go out if you know fireworks will be cracking off later that night is always a good idea, making sure they are kept in a secure place, and ideally a spot that is quieter and indoors can stop any panic breakouts.

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If you are the host of your very own Australia Day party, just make sure your hound has a quiet spot all to itself. The excitement could wear off and then they will search for a rest and some quiet time, or they can become stressed and anxious. It’s also a good idea to exercise your dog before your guests arrive, so they’re happy to nap and relax once the festivities start.

Finally, but most importantly, take the time to share a special Australia Day snuggle with your favourite furry friend, you’ll love it and they will too!

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